In Memory Of Amy Winehouse Playlist

14 Sep

1. Amy Winehouse, Stronger Than Me
2. The Specials, Monkey Man
3. The Skatalites, Simmer Down
4. Sarah Vaughan, Whatever Lola Wants
5. The Shangri-Las, You Can Never Go Home Anymore
6. Aretha Franklin, Say A Little Prayer For You

Amy Winehouse was born this day 14.9.83. Her clever, cohesive style of jazz and hip-hop surfaced the stormy seas of the music industry in 2003 with her brilliant debut: Frank 2003; depicting the age-old themes of unrequited love, drama and blues with her sometime scathing wit and zeitgeist rhetoric.

Her fans may have left her financially secure but her candid demise also left critics and fault Finders also in pocket –  if not financially then with high moral critique of her and her music. Geoff Barrow of Portishead and Beak fame dissed Winehouse for having a fake voice and penned her ‘Whiney Shitehouse‘ (Electronic Beats, September 2012), after also saying in the same interview “I’m a lot more interested in making my own work than listening to someone else’s“.  Another critic writer; Roberto Alvarez-Galloso– reviewer and sports writer, wrote for in 2008: “Amy Winehouse and her music deserve to be banned“- he goes on to say “Her music should be placed in the trash can for the expletives, negative vibrations, and culture of death that are present“. ( Way-d-go Roberto. Sadly I didn’t find anything written under his name about multi million dollar ‘artists’ who rap about blowing people’s brains out, or just as tasteful; abusing, hating or killing women. 

So wether or not the life that Amy Winehouse led only exacerbated her addictions. Or that her voice may have been stolen from another era, or influenced by the likes of Billy Holiday – what was it Oscar Wilde said: “Talent borrows, Genius Steals”.

Today, on what would have been her 30th Birthday, the Amy Winehouse Foundation will be celebrating and raising funds in support and education of young people with drug and alcohol addiction.

‘Stronger Than Me’ is just one of the great songs from ‘Frank’, Winehouse’ debut Album.








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