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Season Swan Song

22 Sep
Alpdescent in Entlebuch

image: Luzern Tourismus: Alpdescent in Entlebuch

The onset of Autumn or Winter can be a challenge for some, but nearing the end of September- here in the Schoener Schweiz, festivities  are underway celebrating the changing of  the seasons with the annual Alpabzug (Alpdescent). Herds are guided back down into the valleys – after spending the glorious summer months grazing on the highlands, to spend the coming winter in the stalls. As part of the seasons festivities cows are decorated with flowers and donned with big cow bells. 

Size matters
The harvest is also essential to this time of year. Reaping the fruits of the farmers labour is at task – it brings with it ehrgeiz. Competitions are held and entrants basically show off their largest prize Veg.  The competition for the biggest pumpkin is held each October in Seegräben (canton Zurich) and last year Beni Maier brought along a pumpkin weighing 768.5 kilograms –  the heaviest pumpkin in Europe, 2012.

Setting the tone
There are a couple of very good tracks to choose from to set the tone – for example:
R&J Stone‘s; The World Is Just A Great Big OnionHarvest by Neil Young, also Harvest For The World – 
The Isley Brothers, or Needle In  A Haystack from The Velvelettes, or even Seasons In The Sun by Terry Jacks at a push. But in honour of tradition I’m leaving  you with classic, original schwyzerörgeli folks music ( diatonic button accordian)  by Josias Jenny (1920 – 1989). The piece is called ‘Metzgete bim Karl’. Enjoy!

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