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Memories of David Bowie – We All Have Them

11 Jan


I spent many weekends at my grandmothers house where my uncle also lived at the time. The brother of my then recently deceased mother had
an amazing record collection that I would only recognize as such much later on. Among his collection was the Rolling Stones ‘Sticky Fingers’ with the famous ‘Andy Warhols Factory’ designed zipper cover, the ‘Live and More’ Album by Donna Summer – Grandma wouldn’t allow that one to
be played – she found it too riske for an 11 year olds ears. Then there
was the album ‘Pin Ups’. Released in 1973, the album was David Bowie’s 7th and it was my first encounter with his music. I was fascinated by everything about it. The cover itself was enough to send me into raptures – it’s still exotic and beautiful. The blue background, the portrait of two figures; David Bowie with 60’s model Twiggy- along with the pop art-bauhaus-esque font exquisitely juxtaposed. The photograph had been taken by Twiggy’s manager Justin de Villeneuve for an issue of Paris
Vogue but on Bowie’s request, was used for the ‘Pin Ups’ album cover.

Alone in my Grandmas very 70’s interior dining room I would dress up in my mothers self made skirted dresses, stick ‘Pin Ups’ on the deck and dance for hours in front of the mirror to Bowies cover album – ‘Rosalyn’ was my favorite. I didn’t know the originators of all the work on the
album at the time but with his own spin- and his distinctive voice on these great songs, I belonged to him and his future music belonged to me.

So many people are saddened and now mourn the death of David Bowie, myself very much included. I didn’t know him personally but his music made me feel like I did – he was for me the embodiment of creativity and
I looked up to him. I feel like I’ve lost a friend who throughout my life
was there for me, influenced me and was there through my every high and every low. I’ll sorely miss him.

David Bowie (David Robert Jones) * 8.01.1947 – 10.01.2016

Rest in peace.

Pin Ups
Here Comes The Night
I Wish You Would
See Emily Play
Everything’s Alright
I Can’t Explain
Friday On My Mind
Don’t Bring Me Down
Shapes Of Things
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
Where Have All The Good Times Gone
Growin’ Up
Port Of Amsterdam

David Bowie – The Midnight Special 

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