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May Day Playlist

1 May
Walter Cranes' International Solidarity of Labour 1889

Walter Cranes’ International Solidarity of Labour 1889

The first of May – or May Day, has a load of stuff pinned to it – from way back to raucous pagan celebrations, the Celtic fest of Beltane – or in central northern Europe ‘Walpurgisnacht‘. For me it contours images of getting in a tangle round the school Maypole.

Regarded today as International Workers Day. 1st May celebrations were born out of of commemoration for the Haymarket Martyrs, 1886 in Chicago. As a demonstration gathered during a general strike for the eight-hour day, a bomb was thrown while police tried to disperse crowds – police reacted with pistol fire and 4 demonstrators were killed. Hence, a whole load of demo-ing went on between then and 1904, when the Socialist Party and Trade Unions were called in by the Second International Congress to kind of promote – in all countries, energetic demonstration, for the legal establishing of the eight-hour day, also to respect the class demands of the proletariat and let’s not forget universal peace. Quite a tall order.

As for todays playlist – eight in all, and keeping with the general theme. Never Been In A Riot by the Mekons, written in response to White Riot by The Clash seems like a good place to start.

  1. Mekons Never Been In A Riot
  2. Lee Dorsey Working In A Coal Mine
  3. Merle Travis Sixteen Tons
  4. Woodie Guthrie Talkin Hard Work
  5. The Vogues Five O’Clock World
  6. Jimmy Dean Big Bad John
  7. Merle Haggard Working Mans Blues
  8. Bob Dylan Maggie’s Farm (a totally not-fitting-into-the-dylan-60s poet image – 80’s rendition for Farm Aid)










World Art Day 15 April

15 Apr

In the hope of spreading Art awareness, last year Bedri Baykam presented a proposal suggesting that Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday, April 15, be declared World Art Day (WAD). A whole bunch of countries including Mexico, France, China, Cyprus (Greek), Sweden, Japan, Slovakia, Mauritius and Norway unanimously accepted the proposal by the IAA’s General Assembly. The AA/AIAP, is an NGO operating with UNESCO, comprising artists belonging essentially to the fields of painting, sculpture, printmakers and artists practising other forms of creative work in the visual arts. http://www.facebook.com/worldartday.iaa

Although the music world isn’t included in WAD, there does exist a World Music Day celebrated every year (since 1982) which takes place on 21. June. More of that in June, but for now here is WAD playlist. I have to praise John Langford for his entertaining prowess. He’s just great and this song slaps down on the counter what it’s like to be an artist and entertainer. And it goes without saying that Langford’s other bands, mates and collaborators – Sally Timms, The Sadies and the amazing Mekons – join him in excellence.
Brian (Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle ) Eno, is not only an accomplished master mind musician and author, he created ‘Self Storage’  – an Installation that was exhibited at the Alcan Foil Factory near Wembley in 1995. http://youtu.be/gKxuVtQuIfg. The song Regiment from the Album My Life In A Bush Of Ghosts (Brian Eno, David Byrne) is an amazing, eclectic, sensual mix of east meets west and the Album as a whole was considered ground breaking upon its release in 1981. It is indeed timeless as it brings together electronics, ambience, held together with a beautiful bass line and beat.

  1. Regiment, Brian Eno and David Byrne
  2. There She Goes Again, Velvet Underground & Nico
  3. Andy Warhol, David Bowie
  4. Renaissance Man, Gene Burnett
  5. Architects Dream, Kate Bush
  6. John Langford, Are You An Entertainer
  7. Art For Art Sake, 10CC
  8. Street Life, Roxy Music
I leave you also with the video of Roxy Music’s Street Life. Brian Ferry- well he’s just a walking work of art in a sharp suit.
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