An Alternative Playlist … Auf Deutsch

11 Jul
Süddeutsche Zeitungs' Diskotheke

Süddeutsche Zeitungs’ Diskotheke

‘Hey Hey, My My, Rock n Roll will never die’, goes the saying and in 2005 Süddeutsche Zeitung printed a library of music written in german – Süddeutsche Zeitung Diskothek, with the famous saying – coined by Neil Young, spread over the works fifty spines. Spanning 1955 – 2004, the library comprises of highlights over 50 years – combing news or historical anecdotes of each year with the music produced that year. Examples from its beginning in 1955, – the opening of the first McDonalds Restaurant in May 1955 to the scandalous film: Blackboard Jungle (Die Stadt der Gewalt), with Glenn Ford – Rick, a teacher at the helm of a bad-ass school with its bad-ass school kids who have come undone and rebellious because of old bad-ass rockers like Billy Hayley – it’s all Bills fault of course.

Unfortunately, when I started gathering all the german music on the discs to make the ‘German Playlist’ I came to the decision that most of them didn’t quite make the grade as a list on their own and was frankly quite boring. Eisbär by the Swiss band Grauzone doesn’t even make it on the 1981 list, which is a faux pas in not highlighting the song as a hit (placed 12. in the german charts) – so I made my own playlist up. The good thing about this collection though are written texts – and there is actually quite a lot of good music on the CDs. A follow on playlist is-a-brewin’ me thinks.


 Die Aeronauten,Too Big to Fail

Sybille Baier, Forget About

Manfred Krug, Danke für den Abend

Die Goldenen Zitronen, Wenn ich ein Turnschuh wär

Die Sputniks, Sputnik Theme

Marion Maerz, I Go To Sleep (Ray Davies)

Nina Hagen, Herrmann Heiss Er

Grauzone – Eisbaer

Ton Stein Scherben, Wenn Die Nacht Am Tiefsten

Westbam, We’ll Never Stop Living This Way

Kraftwerk Das Model

Die Regierung, Charlotte

Blumfeld – Testament der Angst

Kolossale Jugend – Bessere Zeiten

Ostzonensuppenwürfelmachenkrebs – Von Haus aus allein


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